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Style and Colour is a secret language.  The clothing you wear sends a message about your style and personality and show others who you are and what you are all about.  A carefully selected outfit can speak volumes before you even say a word.



The Style Experts say that you only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression. Everybody knows how important first impressions are. 

Style and Colour is a secret language.  The clothing you wear sends a message about your style and personality and show others who you are and what you are all about.  A carefully selected outfit can speak volumes before you even say a word.

Colour is a form of communication.  Wearing the wrong colour hair, makeup or outfit can make you look years younger or older than you are.  During a workshop, we will determine your Colour Flow, Style, Body Shape and Style Personality just to mention a few.

Image Masters Style and Life Coaching assist and streamline your style to reflect your own unique individuality. 

Style and Image are for both men and women.

No matter what look you’re going for, I’m here to help you pull it off. This service is one of my most popular, as it allows my clients to receive personalized and tailored styling advice for all their looks. Let’s work together to create the most stunning image of yourself.

Image Masters Services include:

Dress you’re Best (Body Shapes) and Measurements;

Style and Colour Consultations;

Style Personality Consultation;

Face Shapes (Knowing your face shape helps you choose the right hairstyle, jewellery, and accessories);

Personal Shopping (Most Popular Service);

Personal Makeovers;

The Beautiful Bride and Mother of the Bride;

Teaching the Teacher;

Make the Man;

Closet Detox (We create your own personalised Capsule Wardrobe).


Discover the value of a life coaching session that promotes you to a meaningful transformation to be a positive go-getter and be that extra-ordinary, genius person you were meant to be. 

Life Coaching and Motivational sessions bump you up to the next level in life.  Practising style, positive mindset, body language, fitness, and nutrition help you excel and “get that job” or “go on that date”.

It is time to invest in yourself.

Image Masters Style and Life Coaching is a highly regarded consulting company. 

It is important to understand that holistically, we are created in Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, and Heart.  All of these should be nurtured.  The lack of not taking care holistically will limit your abilities in one or the other.

The greatest gift to yourself, your family and your company will be to become a better “you” and achieve goals, have a healthier lifestyle, develop skills, lead a group presentation, or simply prepare for a job interview.


Life Coaching;

Motivational Speaking;

Fitness & Nutation (Recommendation);


Time Management;


Brain Functionality (Motivational);

Embrace our Differences;

Goals and Life Planning (I have written a book on this topic);

Stress Management;

Job readiness;

Positive Mind-set.


Hettie has more than 28 years of project experience and holds an NQF 5 qualification in Project Management.

Project Management, Bid Office Management, PMO Management, Auditor, Quality Assurance and Governance Compliance Officer is just a few of the leadership skills to manage small, medium, and large project from Pre-Feasibility to commission phase.

The full working of the PMO office depends on a high-quality output handled in a professional and successful manner.  This includes company reporting, templates and structures. 

Hettie is an excellent procedure, process, and tender writer.  She leads the project support staff for several Business Units and achieves goals within the set timeframes.  She has overseen all the offices template and Business Continuity flows.

Other projects that are handled are function coordination, management, and wedding coordination.


Set up and Coordination of PMO Office with full functionality;

Report Writing;

Template creation;

Office Management within the Units and projects;

Oversee Project Progress;

Track Expenses and Project Budget;

Project Scope and deliverable tracking;

Draw up of project plan and oversee progress;

Quality and Project Audits;

Commercial activities such as contract management and Key account management;

Policies, Procedures and Process Flows;

Health and Safety training;

Proposals/ Tenders and Business Development management;

Resource Planning;

Travel arrangements and Meetings.


Hettie was a co-writer for an article in Huisgeboot where hairstyles for rugby players stormed up discussion amongst readers.   Finesse Voelgoed used Hettie’s writing skills in quite a few books as co-writer in various daily motivational books.

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Triomfantlik, a Romance with a twist in Afrikaans.  ISBN: 978-0-620-92085-8, © Hettie Mills, Printed by Hartwood Digital Printers, 243 Alexandra Ave, Midrand;

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