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Hettie studied at various, accredited, and registered institutes obtaining qualifications as Fashion Designer and Pattern Constructionist, Style, and Image Master (Cum Laude), Colour Coordination, Life Coach, Wellness Coach and Nutrition. Hettie further qualified in the program master’s in leadership by Dr Keith Johnston with a Baccalaureate undergraduate academic degree.  She also has a qualification as a Professional Project Manager.  Hettie is an ambassador for Women on the Move and Caritas Foundation.

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Hettie styled family and friends since she was 17 years old and realized that she loves to empower people to take life seriously.

As an inspirational speaker, her aim is to motivate the audience and create a hunger to step up, dress up and show up, and excel in what is needed around us.

As a style coach, she empowers women to dress according to their body shape, style personality, skin tone that will complement their profession.

As an earnest lifestyle coach, she focuses firstly on teaching individuals to take care of themselves, has their cup overflow and then lifts those around you.

As a wellness and nutrition coach, she encourages and walk that extra mile with clients to eat better, exercise and eat a proper well balanced nutritional diet.  Hettie is a qualified Herbal Life Distributor, and Senior Consultant, who believe in and use the product herself with great results and happy clients who “flipped the switch” to a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

All the above are used for holistic wellbeing and lifestyle through small positive changes.  It is important to recognize the signs of unhealthy and potentially dangerous lifestyle habits.   These are looked at not just in a diet but also in your mindset.

You only have one life – make it count!  It is time to invest in yourself.

As a hobby, Hettie is a part-time photographic model.  Her photos have been published in Finesse, Leef and Mooi Soos n Beminde magazines.


Several awards have been presented to Hettie under criteria such as Mentorship, Innovative Work, Work Accuracy, Meeting Project Schedule and Budget, Client Communication, Teamwork, Personal Sacrifice and Superwomen of the Year.

Hettie was also crowned as the 1st Princess Mrs Tshwane Pretoria 2020.

Other well-presented awards include:

  • Women in Business (WIB) CEO Influential Women Pan Africa Winner 2020 and 24/7 mentorship.
  • Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Finalist Sept 2019
  • World Women Leader September 2021 as “Africa ’s Women Leader”
  • Women of Wonder (WOW) Awards Oct 2021 as “WORTHY VISIONARY”
Award CEO PanAfrica Female Award Mentor 24-7

Women in Business (WIB) CEO Influential Women Pan Africa Winner 2020 and 24/7 mentorship.

Award Margaret Hirsch WIB 2019

Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Finalist Sept 2019


Women in Business (WIB) CEO Influential Women Pan Africa Winner 2020 and 24/7 mentorship.